Department of



Msc. Rosa Martínez

Rectora (E)

Directora Administrativa

Lic. Carmen Morán

Vice Rectora

Lic. Betty Gómez

Directora de básica elemental y media


Ing. Lissette Tomalá


Sec. Ejec. Dally Sánchez


C.P.A. Karen Merchán


Sr. Benito Ponce

Jefe de Mantenimiento

Srta. Melitza Macias

Auxiliar Administrativa 1

Sr. Neiser Pluas

Auxiliar Administrativo 2


Lic. Ofelia Bueno

Inspectora General

Lic. Blanca Chele

Sub Inspectora

Básica Superior y Bachillerato

Lic. Carmen Moran

Docente de Estudios Sociales

Blgo. David Reyes

Docente de Biología

Ing. Dargelis Duany

Docente de Química

CPA. Gabriela Burgassi

Docente de Emprendimiento

Lic. Miriam Bajaña

Docente de Contabilidad

Lic. Rossana Pilay

Docente de Literatura

Lic. Jose López

Docente de Cultura Física

Lic. Victor Morocho

Docente de Estudios Sociales

Ing. Rosa Franco

Docente de Inglés

Prof. Mario Pilay

Docente de Formación Cristiana

Básica elemental y media

Lic. Betty Gómez


Sr. Ivan Hughes Harper

Docente de Inglés

Prof. Steven Panchana

Docente de Dibujo artístico

Prof. Jacinto Holguín

Docente de Cultura Física

Ing. Ketty Pozo

Docente de Básica

Lic. Marilu Baque

Docente de Básica

Lic. Yessenia Reyes

Docente de Básica

Lic. Miriam Rodríguez

Docente de Básica

Lic. Guissel Mera

Docente de Básica

Lic. Apolonia Piguave

Docente de Básica


Lic. Amalia Gómez

Docente de Inicial

Lic. Marcia Candado

Docente de Inicial


Students can also belong to the Kingsters’s Art Club.  We meet once a month and have «open workshop» one day a week, after school.  

Welcome to the Kingsters’ Art Department page.  Through these pages, we hope to give you a brief overview of the Kingsters Art instructors, courses, and student artwork.

Accounting can be divided into several fields including financial accounting, management accounting, external auditing, tax accounting and cost accounting. Accounting information systems are designed to support accounting functions and related activities. Financial accounting focuses on the reporting of an organization’s financial information, including the preparation of financial statements, to the external users of the information, such as investors.

  • Accounting majors take a full year of accounting: Principles of Accounting I and II, during your the year.
  • As Juniors, you will enroll in interm. Accounting I and II, it will you a comprehensive understanding of accounting practice, thoery and financial report.
  • Senior year will give you a great opportunity to specialize in an area of interest by pairing Accounting Topics with electives of your choosing.
  • We will assist students in preparing for the Certified Public Accounting Exam through our self study programs.

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Provincia del Guayas, Cantón Pedro Carbo, calle Eloy Alfaro entre Guayaquil y los Almendros

Telf: 2704376

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